Spiritual Explorer by day,
Course Creation Expert by night.

But you can just call me, Maria.

I’m on a mission to help spiritual entrepreneurs make more without working more with Done-For-You Course Creation. We’re creating successful courses with high engagement and referral rates.

Helping clients navigate their inner shadow work, free up blocked energies and break ground on their limiting beliefs sounds really nice on paper and certainly checks off the box when it comes to fulfilling work.

But as the conduit in making that happen, let’s call it what it is: draining AF.

You’re helping your clients have these life-changing experiences but you’re not exactly running the life-changing business you thought you would.

I call BS!


Life-changing work deserves life-changing pay, and (as corny as it sounds) I believe your course is the way.

I do what I do for a couple of reasons. The first is that I love what YOU do. I love the empowerment that you help others step into, and I love knowing that I can help you do that WHILE making a ton of money without working a fuck ton of hours.

The second reason is that… oh wait, no. That about sums it up.

Growth is a process, not a destination

I believe this wholeheartedly. Whether it comes to my spiritual journey or my business. And if you’re here, I know that you do too.

Courses have the potential to give you more freedom in time and more money in the bank. And although you may not have had successful experiences creating courses in the past, I’m here to remind you that this is a process. And together, we’ll make this process a success.

Break through the learning blocks.

Maria Crider working on laptop

With a background in education and curriculum design and as a former OBM who created SOPs, I’ve seen the barriers that people experience when it comes to learning new skills. And this is exactly why I’ve dedicated myself to helping spiritual coaches overcome those barriers in their own courses.

By designing and implementing courses that are engagement-focused, I provide the essential elements you need to create courses that break through learning blocks.

And I’m talking blocks as thick as your limiting beliefs. Blocks that have often caused participants to hold back or become disinterested, causing low engagement and maybe even refund requests (barf).

With my signature framework, I’ve helped clients build courses that leave their audiences hungry for more and their bank accounts exploding in abundance.

A little bit more about me…

In 2013, another toddler bit my then 16-month-old son at daycare and subsequently kickstarted my entrepreneurial journey. (Thanks, kid.) Since then, I’ve been on a very enlightening journey toward my higher self while working with people pursuing the same truth.

As a Gemini, there are some days when I’m absolutely ready to end up on an episode of Snapped if you come between me & my coffee (dark roast & hazelnut forever!)

And then there are days when I’m fully trusting my intuition, standing in my power, and killing the game as a mom to my three boys, two dogs, and a cat.

Tip: My clients always luck out and get the better experience.

Client Love

“Maria is nothing short of magnificent! She is organized, reliable, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

To sum it up…she is a tech genius! She is an asset to my business and turns whatever she touches to gold. I’m so happy that I found her!”

Christina Vagle

empath coach & reiki teacher

Judy Hendrix

wilcox & assoc

Maria helped run my & my husband’s businesses; her work allowed us to spend more time with our granddaughters. She implemented systems that were easy to learn & maintain. She even created standard operating procedures so I could hire an assistant, and I did!

Start serving more people without working more hours.

Developing your course to bring more financial abundance to your life and highlight your work while you’re fully serving your audience is what I do best. Are you ready to get started?